We are a Post-production house based in L.A.

Our mission is to deliver magnificent content to the entertainment industry.



Demo Reel

We are post production.

Technology is constantly evolving and so are we.

360º VR

We love 360º Virtual Reality!

Let us help you bring your VR content to the next level with endless possibilities.

About Us

Golden Boy Post was founded by

two times Emmy nominee Edgar Marrera,

a post-production veteran with more than a decade

of experience in all aspects of creative, technical, and post-production.


Our mission is to deliver magnificent content

to the entertainment industry with a first class client service.

We are a team of passionate post-producers

with a passion for delivering only the best on every project.

We provide our clients with the whole post-package; editorial, visual effects,

sound design, mixing & mastering and color correction. It all takes place under

one roof for total control, precision and an accurate outcome from beginning to end.


Over the years we have realized that we are #postgeeks...

Yes, it takes one to be able to design a reliable post technical workflow.

Contact Us

For any business inquiries, please contact us:

Tel.: 323-645-9072 | info@gb-post.com

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